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Providing tenacious representation for criminal charges in Nevada

The consequences of a criminal charge can affect you for the rest of your life. No matter what crime you’re accused of, you need an experienced lawyer who’s successfully represented defendants facing similar charges. When you are represented by Mayfield Gruber & Sheets, in Las Vegas, you can count on our determined and knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys not to back down until we get you the results you deserve. From handling DUIs to sex crimes, we will fight for your rights in the criminal justice system and battle the prosecution to obtain an acquittal, dismissal, or favorable plea agreement.
Areas of Practice

Strong and comprehensive defense representation in Las Vegas

Our knowledgeable criminal defense attorneys represent people in Las Vegas and the surrounding areas facing a range of charges:
  • DUI/DWI — An arrest for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Nevada can come with harsh penalties if you’re convicted. Even a first offense may result in up to six months in jail. If you are pulled over for DUI and your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) registers at or above .08 percent, you need a skilled DUI/DWI lawyer who will challenge law enforcement’s actions and test results to protect your rights.
  • Domestic violence — When one member of the same household or family accuses another member of assault or abuse, and a domestic violence charge is filed, it’s important to seek skilled legal help. We will mount a strong defense to fight these accusations.
  • Sex crimes — There are many actions that qualify as sex crimes, including indecent exposure, prostitution, sexual assault, rape and statutory rape. All these charges are prosecuted seriously and demand an assertive defense to protect your reputation and future.
  • Traffic violations Traffic violations, such as speeding, failing to stop at a stop sign and unsafe lane changes, are common in a city as busy as Las Vegas. When you get a ticket, you shouldn’t just pay it. We can help you fight to get the fines reduced or the ticket dismissed.
  • Internet crimes — Identity theft, cyberbullying and online scams are all examples of internet crimes that carry serious penalties if convicted. Trust our seasoned lawyers to help you fight these charges.
  • Drug crimes Drug crime penalties vary depending on the type, amount and use of the drug in question, but all drug charges should be taken seriously. If you have been accused of possessing, trafficking or selling drugs, our experienced lawyers will offer a strong defense.
If you are accused of a crime in Nevada, you need strong legal representation immediately. We offer a free consultation so you can understand what your options are right away.

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If you have been accused of a crime in Las Vegas, don’t hesitate to get the representation you need. For experienced defense counsel on a range of charges, call Mayfield Gruber & Sheets at 702-997-7878 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation at our Las Vegas office.
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